Technical service laboratory of Ceac AG performs technical study on customer's paints, color matching and build up colour databases with the most appropriated range of colorants as ready to use package .

The selected range of colorants to achieve the required properties is combined with our BCO Pro sotware to enable our customers to achieve the highest performance of their products at the optimum cost in a minimum of time.

Ceac AG staff & local representative offices will support our customers in selecting the most appropriated colour cards and range of colorants for their products and applications.

More than 18 years knowledge in tinting pastes, IT development and paint systems allows us to give optimum service to our customers.

Outstanding technology in the field of colorants allows Ceac AG to upgrade existing customers tinting systems with minimum effort and delay.

Ceac AG staff, consisting of paint experts, pigment specialists and software programmers will develop your customized tinting system with the selected Colour cards to cover fully your needs as a paint manufacturer allowing you to continue to use your unique, standardized paint systems.

    The following steps are to be considered:
  • Ceac AG will test the behaviour of our pigment pastes (colorants) in your paint systems using your standardized white and clear bases. Should the results be not satisfactory, Ceac will propose solutions to improve compatibility or paint composition.
  • Based on the needs of the customer and the selected range of pigment pastes Ceac will conduct a cost and quality analysis to assist your business decision.

The results of the technical study will be submitted to you and Ceac will prepare your shade library according to the requested selected colour fan decks among Ceac portfolio , house colours or established market standard colour cards.