Colorants and Colour Cards

The pigment pastes (colorants) of Ceac AG are developed to be used, either for POS or In Plant Tinting by volumetric or gravimetric dosage system.

The colour cards of Ceac AG, combined with the right choice of colorants, are an essential tool to promote paints but also characteristics of a paint system.

Ceac AG has paid lot of efforts in developing marketing concepts of Colorant Systems & Colour card Systems as modular approach to propose adequate systems for all kind of applications and markets.

    Core ranges of Ceac AG to best meet the needs of our customers
  • Versacol® HP: High Performance colorants system
  • Versacol® DC: Universal POS colorants system
  • Versacol® ED: In-Plant-Tinting waterborne colorants system
  • IC Colours: Universal Industrial solvant colorants system

To have more informations about each range we invite you to read the following brochures.

Versacol® HP
Versacol HP Brochure
Versacol® DC
Versacol DC Brochure
Versacol® ED
Versacol ED Brochure
IC Colours
IC Colours Brochure