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The various choice of 835 unique colours of Colorex facade are ideally designed for siloxane, silicone & silicate paint - plasters as well as cement-containing systems with 10 inorganic colorants. Additionally all colours can also be made in combination with organic "Colorex" colorants for interior / exterior classical applications.
In addition to that some harmonies of colours are proposed in front of this colour card to help in combining the last trends in colours.

Size in mm L=240 | H=70 | w=45
Shades 835


Harmony Synthesis has the ambition to offer a very trendy palette of 1030 colours, which is not too complex and easy to formulate with CEAC Tinting Systems.
This colour card is very appropriated for wide markets and devided in logical ranking with Off White, Bright, Misted, Muted, and Natural colours. Strong colours are added more specifically to obtain saturated shades.

Size in mm L=250 | H=55 | w=40
Shades 1029


Colour Harmony is a very economical colour system, specifically designed for high PVC & low film forming facade paint systems.
The 200 colours can be achieved only with 6 inorganic colorants for a maximum of durability.

Size in mm L=170 | H=50 | w=19
Shades 198


    Fandeck 3
  • Harmony Deco fan deck

Harmony Deco is a multi purpose decorative fan deck with a long history on wide markets. In addition to the 1000 colours , 15 traditional wood shades are incorporated to this colour card.

Size in mm L=210 | H=38 | w=48
Shades 930


    Fandeck 5
  • Ecosystem fan deck

Ecosystem is a fancy and very economical colour system made from a selection of 240 shades from the Harmony Synthesis.
This fan deck can be produced only with 8 colorants and only in one Base paint. This make this system very adequate for small paint shop with no need to store any additional bases.

Size in mm L=155 | H=45 | w=20
Shades 264


    Fandeck 6
  • Cromo Pocket fan deck

Cromo Pocket is a "Pocket" very economical colour card made from a selection of typical 139 facade shades.
This fan deck can be produced only with 6 inorganic colorants and only in two Base paints.

Size in mm L=80 | H=30 | w=34
Shades 139