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CEAC AG profile
Ceac AG was established in 1999, five years after successful operation within a big chemical swiss group.

Nowadays and 18 years later, Ceac AG and its affiliated companies, BCO technology GmbH, operate in more than 30 countries and have largely expended their production capacities.

More than a Tinting Systems supplier, Ceac AG is considered as a partner by our numerous customers to support them with full turn key Tinting Concepts and expertise to promote their sales of Decorative, facade paints and industrial coatings but also as a production partner of specific colorants.
The core activities of Ceac AG are focusing on so called "Advanced Tinting Systems" comprising:

  • production of new generation of Tinting Pastes for In Plant Tinting and Point Of Sales.
  • development of Software package for manual, automatic dispensers and In Plant Tinting.
  • development of appropriated colour fan decks to promote adequate paint characteristics.


May 26, 2020
New Software Release, Version 2.0
New Software Release, Version 2.0
Version 2.0

Business Philosophy

Ceac AG is clearly a customer oriented company , focusing on service to propose the most appropriated Tinting System and colour database for several kind of markets and applications.

The Advanced Tinting Systems of Ceac AG, are designed to fully satisfy our customer's requirements concerning the cost and the performance of his paints.

The Advanced Tinting Systems of Ceac AG , consists of the optimal selection of pigment pastes from our 4 different ranges of colorants :

Universal , Water-based , Facade and Industrial

Combined with the highly versatile BCO PRO software package to be used for Point Of Sales or for In Plant Tinting.